How an industry for truth will conquer an archaic incumbent.

Choi Wan Estate (彩雲村), Fung Chak House (豐澤樓) in Hong Kong.

If I served up two options for truth: one that is guaranteed by principles in mathematics and cryptography, and one that is guaranteed because I, as a reputed authority, told you it was true… which would you choose?

Perhaps an analogy might help. Suppose you were at a governmental office…

A debrief on Orchid Island, and the People whom call themselves Tao.

Just before nightfall in Green Green Grassland (青青草原), on Orchid Island.

If I had a time machine, or if I could be reborn as one of the principal Tao peoples whom first discovered Orchid Island (or Lanyu 蘭嶼 as it is known in Taiwanese), I would have proposed at the tribal council this name: Moonfall Island. The first time any kindred…

Announcing the alpha release of the Filecoin Rust node implementation

Forest is ChainSafe’s Rust implementation of the Filecoin protocol, an open-source blockchain-based decentralized storage network. Rust provides a foundation for building blockchains with memory safety and performance as a priority. As such, a Rust client for Filecoin will bring diversity and resilience to a network largely run on Lotus —…

Building an Ethereum Consensus node crawler for the Ethereum Foundation

“Night gathers and now my watch begin…”

ChainSafe is pleased to announce the completion of an engagement with the Ethereum Foundation for the release of NodeWatch, an open source node explorer for Ethereum Consensus nodes.

[Editor: Ethereum Consensus is the preferred nomenclature from the core devs team at the EF…

Gitcoin Grants will be decentralizing with the help of ChainSafe, Scopelift, and the entire team behind the Decentralize Gitcoin Workstream.

ChainSafe is proud to announce we have been enlisted by the Gitcoin team to research and build the spec for a fully distributed architecture of Gitcoin Grants alongside Scopelift.

The goal is to transform Gitcoin into a permissionless, forkable, and credibly neutral protocol.

This announcement is a natural progression in…

Toronto-based blockchain R&D firm ChainSafe announces the acquisition of Croatian blockchain partner Node Factory.

Toronto, Canada — July 23, 2021, ChainSafe is a leading blockchain development and engineering solutions firm encompassing top engineering talent from around the world. The company is architecting official client implementations on Ethereum 2.0 (“Lodestar”), Polkadot (“Gossamer”), Filecoin (“Forest’’), a Rust implementation of the Mina Protocol, and many more. ChainSafe…

Timothy Hao Chi Ho

I write for the future of Web 3.0. Comms at ChainSafe.

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