Lessons in observing emotional triggers, how a barbell can be useful in everyday life, and a very crypto December

My December Retrospective

Winter in Mississauga, Dec 25 2020

Some housekeeping notes…

First, you will have to forgive me for the rambly, haphazard nature of these “retrospectives”. For one, I am still experimenting with the format and length of these things. And perhaps more importantly, what am I trying to achieve exactly with these monthly posts? I’m still grasping at answers, and even at the risk of losing interest from my (few) readers, I must nevertheless continue writing. Naval’s tweet about iteration sums this point up nicely:

Read of the month

Soundbite of the month

Tweet of the month


There’s a famous saying that goes something like: “You will know whether you are truly equanimous or not when you have spent a full day with your parents.” Well, I have. And I guess I am not equanimous.

Nothing in the middle

Major December Milestones

  • ⛓ Released my first ever blockchain article detailing how the creation of definitive truth is why we should be paying attention to this space!
  • 🔗 I have another blockchain article already completed and passing through the editing phase: it will be about Bitcoin’s definitive truth
  • ❤️ Big personal announcement coming up next month! This one is a personally significant one that I can’t wait to reveal :)
Alssa and I, during a less pandemic-y time back in Taiwan in July 2020
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